Angel and Demon in the Garden of Evil painting.jpg

Angel and Demons in the Garden of Evil

Oil painting on 16x20” stretched canvas

An angel encounters a succubus and her infernal children in the Garden of Evil, the shadow of the Garden of Eden. The GoE is filled with grisly red and black plants, horrible fauna and rivers of noxious oil and poison. Succubus and incubus are lesser demons that seek to invoke feelings of lust in their victims and can use illusion and mind-control magic to do so. A male victim who fornicates with either an incubus or succubus can become possessed by the demon, a female can become impregnated by an incubus or possessed by a sucubus. A possessed victim forfeits their soul to the incubus or succubus, which in-turn gives the demon a source of power and servants, even after the victim's death, this allows incubus and succubus to gain extraordinary influence and power despite being lesser demons.

Aw Qy'uup Chayik.jpg

Aw Qy’uup Chayik (The Red Woman)

Oil Painting on 24x36” stretched canvas

“Aw Qy’uup Chayik (The Red Woman in English) was the hottest joint in all of Conqo Ciutamo (Plesia’s Capital) it was the year 3,601 W.H, Plesia was in the middle of a golden age, it’s GDP was the largest per capita in the entire world, dignitaries from all over the world would come to its thriving venues, its nightclubs being at the forefront of the world stage..places where one could both relax and do business (much of this business being shady at best), eat good food and sample some of the best spirits and narcotics in production..Life was good. At the center of it all was Aw Qy’uup Chayik, a cabaret style could gauge modern Plesia just by looking at it...highball and martini glasses decorate candle-lit tables with velvet table cloths, patrons snorting, smoking and popping narcotics all night long..races such as lycans, felnu and dwarves typically out of place in Plesia act like it’s home. One could see Plesia’s lavishness in Qy’uup Chayik, but on closer inspection one could also see the beginnings of its demise...”-Qualtek Mazatlik, bouncer for Aw Qy’uup Chayik.

Discovering the Wild Children.jpg

Discovering the Wild Children

Oil Painting on 24x36” stretched canvas

This piece depicts an anthropologist discovering a group of feral beastkeeper children. A quintessential part of being a beastkeeper is an image ability to communicate with and control animals. Most people discover their beastkeeper abilities well into their teenage years when they have more control over their minds, however, some individuals discover this extraordinary ability at a more impressionable age and it makes them bond with nature vs civilization thus creating beastkeepers who cannot coexist with society. These individuals shun technology but also have the potential to become extremely powerful.